Starting a Body Positive Fashion Blog has been a dream of mine for over five years.  I am giddy with anticipation of the future and to see where this little corner of the internet takes me! A super huge shout out to those who have believed in me and my Husband, the super awesome web developer, that makes everything look pretty (I barely know where the power button on this laptop is). Throughout this journey you are going to get a glimpse of how I identify myself through my style.  I am a lover of shopping second hand, discount deals, skirts, kimonos, scarves, and cocktail rings.  I hope to instill confidence in not only myself but others who struggle navigating plus size fashion.   I live by the motto 'No one sees the size tag.'  You should never feel ashamed about the size you wear. Feel confident and beautiful in the clothes that fit your body!  

A little about me. I am married to a stud of a husband. In fact, we just celebrated our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary last month.  I am not only lucky enough to be his wife but also now a Stepmom to his two gorgeous girls. If you told me three years ago I would be married and have a family of my own I would have taken another swig of whatever wine I was drinking and then laughed and laughed and laughed......jokes on me, right? We live in central PA in our dream home that we also share with our two dogs.  Sometimes I may joke and ask if anyone wants a free pet but that is usually when a slipper has been eaten or a trash can has been broken into.  

Now that we have gotten the introduction out of the way.  Lets move on to my very first look! Fall is upon us here.  We have already been burning plenty of wood fires in our home as well as raked leaves only to jump in them afterwards.  This time of year means boots, scarves, and tights.  I LOVE ALL 3 OF THOSE THINGS SO SO MUCH.  Although it is the time of year for warm colors like red, orange, and yellow I sometimes like to mix it up and add a pop of color.  No better way to do this then a fun print or bright tights.  In this case I combined both! 

You are going to find out I am very much a goofball all the way through.

Skirt via Gwynnie Bee  Here  ll  Boots Charles Albert  Similar Here   ll   Tights Similar Here  II  Headband Similar Here