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Anyone else struggle with trying to figure out gift ideas around this time of year?  I have a spreadsheet that is constantly getting edited and updated.  A slight panic starts to set in in when I stare at the list of names on my Holiday Shopping list.  I will be the first admit it got a lot harder after I got married because my list doubled.  I would point at names of in laws and family members and ask Clinton what this person would want only to be met with a blank stare and a shrug ( he will tell you he does not enjoy picking out gifts).  

Soon I came to the realization of a couple things; practical is always good and if all else fails every grocery store sells several different kinds of gift cards.  

Here is a list of some of the most successful gift ideas I have had to date.

1) Blanket scarves!! By now you know scarves are my obsession. Blanket scarves are my favorite part of winter. They are so versatile. They can be worn so many different ways and perfect for plane rides, sporting events, etc!  

2) Canvas totes! With two kids in our house I am constantly trying to find a bag to put stuff in only to end up shoving things in plastic shopping bags.  Then I received a couple of heavier canvas totes and swooonnnnn.  I use them when grocery shopping, to carry things for kids activities, beach bags. and the list could go on! For a more personal touch you can have them customized which can make it truly unique to the gift receiver! See the link at the end of the post where you can order a 12 pack. *Hint: Check locally to find a businesses who does  custom stitching. Buying an item like this in bulk and then taking it somewhere to get customized may save you some money!*

3) Shave kits for the men in your life! Before my Husband grew his beard out he was slightly enamored by the idea of old timey shave kits.  These are making a big come back now. It can feel like a super luxurious gift to any of the men in your life!  Even stores like Ulta carry these kind of kits now. 

4) Bluetooth speakers. The are are now really affordable and in my opinion pretty practical. Almost all smart phones have bluetooth capability.  If I could I would have a bluetooth speaker in every room of my house! 

5) Bath bombs and face mask.  Once again another gift that feels a little luxurious to the receiver.  I try to treat myself to a bath at least once a month while indulging in with a face mask and bath bomb.  Plus bath bombs are super freaking fun!  Great gift for  those mom's you know who could use a little relaxation. If you are a little bit of a mad scientist/DYI person there are some great recipes to make your own! 

6) Drink tumblers.  One of those practical gifts that can get a ton of use by someone.  We recently discovered YETI tumblers which are near indestructible and keep hot items hot for hours and ice doesn't melt from morning to afternoon. Living in Florida I was obsessed with Tervis (they are made in Venice, Fl). I love mine and honestly would not be disappointed to find another one in my stocking this year! Tervis can be customized as well.  Trust me you can have a lot of fun at their website. The YETI and Tervis options are more on expensive side since they do have lifetime guarantees but of course there are cheaper options out there that are great as well! 

7) For your friends and family who love to entertain or are cocktail aficionados try copper mugs.  When my husband put these on our wedding registry I rolled my eyes since I did not see how this was practical.  Then we got them and  First of all moscow mules really do taste better in them plus they are a pretty touch when serving drinks! We get a ton of compliments on ours. 


7) For those who love spending time in the kitchen I suggest Silicone Baking Mats.  They are super versatile and easy to clean and store!

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