First of all let me say how wonderful it feels to receive such an overwhelming amount of support for my new venture as a blogger.  I have to admit that actually hitting the publish button on my first post and sharing made me feel undeniably vulnerable.  Kind of like when you have a dream that you are in front of a crowd naked.

I know I am going to get negativity mixed with the positive comments and opinions.  This blog is my outlet to inspire and lift people up. No matter what shape or size you are I want you to be able to look in the mirror and love yourself. I want to open up the lines of communication to all my readers.  My contact information is located on my home page in the top left hand corner.  If you need kinds words or encouragement email me! If you have an inspiring story or want to tell me about your journey email me!

Now let me add that this page is still under construction! Over time I know it will evolve into what I currently envision.  We are working on a subscription button as well as the lay out so bare with me and check back often! 

Now for the fashion part! I am loving Olive Green this fall. It is an unexpected neutral I cannot seem to get enough of. This dress is Ava Viv via Target.  Anyone else obsessed with that line?  I topped this look with an over-sized scarf.  Disclaimer: There will be a crap ton of scarves throughout this blog.  How some people feel about statement necklaces is exactly how I feel about scarves. Expect a picture of my scarf collection in the near future.  

P.S until we get an actual ironing board (we lost ours in the move and don't ask how) expect some wrinkles.  

It was really windy and my hair was not agreeing with it.

Dress via Target Ava Viv Similar Here  ll Scarf via Walmart similar here ll Boots (I actually got my boots at a discount bargain barn store in my town for $15) but you can get a similar pair here