Leggings. I have two dresser drawers devoted to them. I especially love patterned leggings. Being plus size I know bold patterns can be a little intimidating.  The secret is balance.  I always pair bright patterned bottoms with a neutral solid top or tunic. 

 I love that they can be dressed up or dressed down.  My favorite dress down look is leggings, wool socks, and over sized sweaters.  It is my winter lounge wear. If you ask my husband usually after 5pm that is what you usually find me wearing.  

Now lets talk themed leggings.  I freaking adore the Holidays and that there are leggings for all of them.  The pairs pictured I got at Walmart.  Although they have a price point under $6 I find No Boundries leggings from Walmart have fit me the best.  I have yet to try some higher end brands like LuLaRoe but I hope to sometime in the near future! What are your favorite leggings?   

I wore these to go pick out our Christmas tree! 

I also love floppy hats and have a growing collection for all seasons. 

Patterned Leggings: Here II Here II Here II Here 

Themed Leggings:  Here II Here II Here II Here 

Floppy Hats:  Here II Here