Holy Smokes! Time got away from me there for awhile! I promise to try and be more regular on the updates now! Between the Holidays, starting a new job, and doing my first Dinner Theater show free time was hard to find.  These are pictures from last Spring. Going through them made me yearn for the warmth and greenery of a new season.  This week it is unusually warm for February in Central PA. We will see how long that last but I am okay with putting boots away for a few days! I love hats SO much.  Spring and Summer is when I dust off the fedoras and floppy straw hats. I also have an affinity for bright colored Kimonos when it warms up.   There is a little section in my closet completely devoted to kimonos....it became a slight obsession last year.   It is just so easy to throw one on over a solid colored tank top or dress.  What is your go to clothing piece in the Spring?